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  1. Sidewalks

    Extend the sidewalks on Worth Ave down to 113th street.

    Dec 9, 2016 by Zarolea (28 points)

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  2. Filling Pot Holes on 111th

    The Pot holes on 111th street are quite numerous and can lead to a number of complications as well as adding unnecessary wear-and-tear to all the vehicles traveling through Worth. Filling these Pot...

    Dec 10, 2016 by Hunter (28 points)

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  3. Adopt needy children for Christmas

    Set up a tree or bulletin board where families can come and list their children by age and gender so that other people can come and pick them and make sure they have a good Christmas

    Nov 1, 2018 by Pam (25 points)

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  4. I suggest that we also do an adopt a Grandma or Grandpa for Christmas.

    There are many that cannot afford anything for Christmas. We could find a few "Grandma" or "Grandpa's"" that have some needs we could fulfill. Have a small Christmas party with those who "adopted"...

    Nov 14, 2018 by dolphee72 (8 points)

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  5. Laying Gravel on north side of 111th since no sidewalks and children walk on road.

    I live on the north side of 111th street that has no sidewalks so I was wondering if Worth or the State can consider putting gravel on the sides of the road? I have kids going to school and walking on...

    Mar 18, 2019 by Inshirah Aljuneidi (7 points)

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  6. New

    We Would Like the Shuttle Bus Service to Return in the Future Mrs Colleen Roche is a Good Driver though she may hopefully enjoy her vacation

    How about TENNIS what other Great Ideas of Mine have You Not Read from MY Facebook account LoL

    Jul 6, 2020 by MiCHAEL the REAL POET : ) (7 points)

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